Retro Revival: Embrace 80s Glamour with Trendsetting Earrings


Step into the vibrant and bold world of the 80s with our curated collection of earrings inspired by this iconic era. The 80s were a time of self-expression, flamboyant fashion, and groundbreaking trends, and our collection pays homage to the glamour and audacity that defined this unforgettable decade. Join us on a journey to rediscover the spirit of the 80s through trendsetting earrings that capture the essence of this dynamic era.

Leverback earrings findings, sterling silver, BA 1 - SILVEXCRAFT

Neon Delights: Channel the neon-infused energy of the 80s with earrings in bright, eye-catching colors. From electric pinks to neon greens and vibrant oranges, these earrings add a pop of energetic flair to your ensemble, reflecting the bold color palette that defined 80s fashion.

Statement Shapes and Geometrics: Embrace the geometric obsession of the 80s with earrings featuring bold shapes and angular designs. Triangles, squares, and asymmetrical forms were all the rage, and our collection brings back these statement-making shapes for a touch of retro chic.

Dangling Decadence: The 80s were all about excess and decadence, and dangling earrings were a staple of the era. Explore earrings with exaggerated lengths, fringe details, and oversized charms, capturing the glamour and drama that characterized 80s fashion.

Mixing Metals and Materials: Experiment with the eclectic mix of metals and materials that defined 80s jewelry. Gold, silver, and bold metallic finishes take center stage, while materials like enamel, acrylic, and resin add a playful and unconventional touch to earrings that stand out from the crowd.

Pearls and Punk: Combine the elegance of pearls with a rebellious punk edge, a juxtaposition that defined 80s fashion. Explore earrings that seamlessly blend the sophistication of pearls with punk-inspired spikes, studs, and edgy details for a look that’s both refined and rebellious.

Hoop Earrings Redux: Hoop earrings were a staple accessory in the 80s, and our collection pays homage to this timeless trend with a modern twist. From oversized hoops to asymmetrical designs, these earrings capture the essence of 80s hoop mania.

Acid Washed Denim Accents: Incorporate the iconic fashion of the 80s with earrings that feature acid-washed denim accents. Whether as part of the design or in the form of denim-covered charms, these earrings nod to the denim craze that swept the fashion scene in the 80s.

Mix and Match Eccentricity: Embrace the spirit of eccentricity by mixing and matching earrings in true 80s fashion. Experiment with asymmetrical pairs, contrasting colors, and diverse styles to create a look that exudes the individuality and boldness of the 80s.

Celebrity Style Icons: Celebrate the style icons of the 80s, from Madonna’s punk-inspired accessories to the glamorous elegance of Princess Diana. Our collection draws inspiration from these influential figures, allowing you to infuse a touch of 80s celebrity chic into your wardrobe.

Relive the bold, energetic, and trendsetting spirit of the 80s with our collection of earrings that pay homage to this iconic era. Whether you’re drawn to neon hues, statement shapes, or a mix of metals and materials, these earrings capture the essence of 80s glamour. Elevate your style with a dose of retro chic, celebrating the unforgettable fashion legacy of the 80s.

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